DIY travel jewelry cases

diy travel jewelry case

How to make your own jewelry holder to protect earrings and necklaces while traveling

Packing light for travel while also planning cute outfits can be a struggle, especially with increasingly strict carry-on size requirements. How are you going to store the accessories you’re packing and the cute jewelry you’ll be bringing home? Compare some of the best ways to keep your jewelry safe while traveling with items you can probably find lying around your closet or bathroom.

Contact lens case

Use a spare, clean contact lens case for earrings. Pop a few studs in one side and danglies in the other. It’s a small case that won’t take up much space while also organizing and protecting your jewelry. Win win!

Coin purse

Any soft or hard coin purse is a great choice for holding earrings and necklaces.

Lipstick holder

Lipstick and chapstick already come with their own built-in holder, so why would you need one of these? To store your jewelry, actually!

This is a great option for keeping expensive jewelry safe because you could easily fit it in your purse or day bag.

Pencil case

Students, you might have one of these in your desk already. Keep your jewelry safe in a pencil case.

To keep earrings from rattling around, take a wine bottle cork and stick your earrings along the sides. Then drop the cork in the pencil case.

Mini makeup testers

You know these tiny lotion samples you get from makeup stores like Sephora or Origins? Save the plastic containers to store earrings and smaller chains.

These are great for packing travel-sized toiletries, too.

Pill organizer

Those day of the week pill organizers are perfect for organizing jewelry. You can even group your accessories by the day of the week and keep track of your outfits for each day.

You can also fill up the rest of the pill slots with medicine you might need during the trip like extra aspirin, antacids, or dramamine.

Cloth pouch

Any small pouch or sack can help store your jewelry, especially if you keep it in your toiletries bag so you don’t lose it in your suitcase or backpack.

Toilet paper tube

This is the cheapest option for storing jewelry. Not only do you probably have one lying around, it’s also easy to throw away at the end of your trip. Put your jewelry in the middle of the roll, then fold in the ends.

Empty medicine bottle

Use an empty aspirin bottle to store your jewelry. Save the little cotton pad to split up earrings and necklaces so they don’t get tangled.

Face towel

If you travel with a small hand towel, you have a jewelry holder. Roll up your necklaces in the towel and wrap it with a hair tie.

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