Best restaurants in New York City

best restaurants nyc

12 can’t-miss New York restaurants

New York is such a big town it would be impossible to get to every restaurant on a single trip or maybe even a lifetime. Finding your new favorite lunch spot off the beaten path or the best noodle shop in town is always a rush, especially when you can recommend your favorites and be the hero to other travelers.¬†Explore some of these unique restaurants we’ve personally tested and maybe you’ll find your new favorite place for a bite.


best restaurants midtown nyc

Eataly NYC Flatiron

Enjoy a meal at one of Eataly’s many Italian eateries, then stop by the market side to shop for fresh Italian ingredients and delicacies to cook a fantastic meal at home.

  • Italian marketplace & restaurants
  • Pasta, pizza, seafood, salad, antipasto
  • 200 5th Ave

miss Korea BBQ

Explore traditional Korean dishes or even cook your food at the table, a unique experience to try with friends and family.

  • Korean
  • Korean barbecue, hot pot, soup, steak, bulgogi, banchan
  • 10 W 32nd St

Beer Culture

The selection of beer is fantastic and the food is somehow even better. The burger and pretzels won’t disappoint.

  • Bar
  • Beer, burgers, appetizers, bar snacks
  • 328 W 45th St

Minamoto Kitchen

Get your sweet tooth on at Minamoto Kitchen, where you’ll find traditional Japanese snacks to munch on. If you like anything green tea flavored, this is the sweet shop for you.

  • Japanese
  • Japanese desserts, Japanese snacks, green tea, mochi, senbei
  • 509 Madison Ave

Chinatown & Lower East Side

best italian restaurants nyc

Grotta Azzurra

In a sea of restaurants in Little Italy, Grotta Azzurra offers some of the best food in a warm, cozy setting that instantly takes you away to Italy.¬†It’s always a good time for an espresso.

  • Italian
  • Pasta, seafood, antipasto, coffee, espresso, desserts
  • 177 Mulberry St

Scarr’s Pizza

Cheap comfort food is best found in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant like Scarr’s Pizza. Squeeze your way in and grab big, greasy slices topped with fresh ingredients.

  • Italian
  • Pizza, salad
  • 22 Orchard St

Pho Vietnam

You can fill up for under $8 with a big bowl from Pho Vietnam, perfect for cold nights or spicy cravings.

  • Vietnamese
  • Pho, noodle bowls, rice bowls, soup, banh mi, spring rolls, appetizers
  • 87 Chrystie St

Black Cat LES

Charming, cozy coffee shop by day, popular comedy and open mic spot by night. Stop by for coffee and a show at Black Cat any time.

  • Cafe
  • Coffee, tea, pastries
  • 172 Rivington St

Two-Bit’s Retro Arcade

Light on food but not on food, this barcade has a great selection of beers and classic arcade cabinets from pinball to shooters.

  • Bar
  • Beer, bar snacks, pizza, appetizers
  • 153 Essex St

Essex Street Market

The bad news is Osaka Grub has closed, our top pick for Japanese comfort food. The good news is Essex Street Market still has plenty of restaurants to choose from, including Mediterranean, French, and Italian food.

  • American & international foods
  • Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, falafel, deli, pizza
  • 120 Essex St

Brooklyn & Williamsburg

best bars nyc

Pies ‘n Thighs

Fun fact: this popular breakfast spot often has a line before it first opens. It’s that good. Don’t let its divey looks scare you off or you’ll miss the best chicken biscuit you’ve ever had and donuts the size of your head.

  • Breakfast
  • Donuts, biscuits, chicken biscuits
  • 166 S 4th St


The best arcade in New York is hidden away near Williamsburg. Retro gamers can enjoy an incredible selection of classic arcade machines will they sip local and imported suds.

  • Bar
  • Beer, bar snacks
  • 388 Union Ave

Know a hidden gem we missed? Send us your tip in a comment and we’ll add it to our rounds to investigate.

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